Wednesday, April 10, 2019


The manner of their elders and priests administering the flesh and blood of Christ unto the church. And they administered it according to the commandments of Christ; wherefore, we know that the manner to be true. And the elder or priest did minister it; and they did kneel down with the church... (Moroni 4:1)

And this shall ye always observe to do, even as I have done, even as I have broken bread and blessed it, and gave it unto you. (3 Nephi 8:6)

However he did it is the way I want to do it too.

And when the disciples had come with bread and wine, he took of the bread, and brake and blessed it, and he gave unto the disciples and commanded that they should eat. And when they had eat and were filled, he commanded that they should give unto the multitude. (Also 3 Nephi 8:6)

First he broke, then he blessed, then he gave it to the disciples who ate who then gave it to the multitude.

Since however he did it is the way I want to do it too, is the above something I should also be mirroring?

If so, what would implementing this today look like?

Barring revelation, would it be proper to do so out of desire to honor the Lord alone?

And so I ponder.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

AA Alcoholism/Adition - Refrigerator Analogy

AA Alcoholism/Addiction – Refrigerator Analogy:
(current draft) 

Life of an alcoholic/addict is like an unplugged refrigerator full of spoiled rancid moldy food causing food poisoning that was never thrown out.

The spoiling, rancid, moldy food and food poisoning are the fear, hate, anger, etc. we hold within us for everything we resent that was or wasn’t done by God, others and ourselves to us and or for us.

Rather than deal with that mess (by now unmanageable), alcohol is used to sterilize (forget about and numb the pain from) those things instead that by now our refrigerator is stocked full of.

Until removed, the spoiling, rancid, moldy food causing us fear, hate, anger, etc. results in less and less room for good things which bring us peace, love, happiness, joy, contentment, stability, etc.

As the mess grows worse, the amount of alcohol needed to keep it in check grows also to the point where it sanitizes both good and bad and even begins to corrode and destroy the very refrigerator itself.

Or in other words, as the good food or even room for such in our life decreases, eventually no amount of alcohol can cover up the misery that the mess that is our life brings us and death becomes a sought for escape.

Added to that, without a working power source to keep fresh things fresh and slow the decay rate of the rest, anything we put in our refrigerator tends to spoil or go rancid very quickly too.

Yet even if we reach the point where we admit we need help in that our life has become unmanageable, how do we plug our refrigerator in? Who or what do I plug it into? How do we clean our refrigerator out? Who can we trust with that? Likewise, how do I get the good stuff?

Steps 3-7: Cleaning & Repair – Only the best will do.
(thoughts on what God might say in a conversation adapted to the above roles and analogy)

Out of all of these items in your refrigerator, my view of what is no good for you and needs to be cleaned out and your views about what’s worth keeping are not the same.

I love you and I’m not going to just barge into your home and start cleaning out your refrigerator of the things that I know are either hurting or even killing you because that will just piss you off and you’ll kick me out so if you don’t invite me to come in and help, I’ll wait until you do.

Please, I love you and will gladly work on cleaning up your refrigerator. Please, invite me in?

In inviting me in to take on this huge cleaning project, are you sincere in your willingness to let these things go? Do I have your permission that I may remove them? Are you sincere in your request for your help that you will really let me do so?

So long as you sincerely want and invite me into your house? I will never give up on helping you for I always finish every cleaning and repair job I undertake so long as I am welcome and permitted to do so no matter how long doing so may take.

So I’m not touching anything you don’t specifically want and ask me to touch because otherwise I’ll lose your trust and possibly die before you finally want and invite me to return to help you further.

So please tell me, what do you want removed? Since it helps, please, write a list. What do you recognize isn’t worth keeping in your refrigerator that you are specifically asking, inviting and giving me permission to come in and clean out of your life because you want it removed?

Steps 8-11: Gratitude – Maintaining the invitation.
(thoughts on what God might say in a conversation adapted to the above roles and analogy)

You’re hiring me to do a job that you can’t. In return, please show me that you’re sincere in your desire for my help.

Do you realize just how much crap you’ve put into other people’s refrigerators? Do you understand that it’s hurting and poisoning them? That the 20lb ham you left in John’s fridge 3 years ago is not only still there taking up space but that it’s moldy and decaying and contaminating everything in his life?

Please, while I clean your fridge, help me clean and stock with good the refrigerators of my other children. Go back to everyone you ever put something into their refrigerator without their permission and help them toss the spoiling, rancid, moldy food you put in there.

Please, make it your priority to not put those things into your or other people’s refrigerators going forward. If you mess up, please don't just let it sit there getting worse but go take care of it right away!

If you’re really grateful for my help, won’t you show me? Please, go put good things in their life. Go give service, show love, compassion and mercy on others.

Steps 11-12: Love – Seeking for God.
(thoughts on what God wishes we would sincerely say in a conversation adapted to the above analogy)

I want to know you! Who are you? Why did you do this for me? What else is still in my fridge that I’m holding onto that’s killing me that I don’t recognize is still there? How can I have more or even better good stuff from you put into my refrigerator?

Can I know you? I will give up everything in my refrigerator that isn’t good for me to know you and be only filled with the good food you provide.

I am willing, will you please help me? I’ll follow your guidelines on how to manage my refrigerator so that I stop filling it with things that cause me to get sick and can instead always have a clean well working refrigerator full of good tasty food that allow me to be and stay happy and healthy.

Please, where are your instructions and words to be found? I want them!

I want to know you! Who are you? How did you do this for me? How did you learn what was worth keeping and what should be thrown out and how to clean and fix refrigerators so good? I want to be able to do what you do too! Can I be like you? Please, will you teach me? 

Steps 3, 7, 9, 11: Good Food & Power – How and where to buy.
(needs more work...)

Stop plugging into and shopping at the grocery store and power source run by the guy who personifies Anger who sells crap food that’s killing you and go plug into the power source who personifies Love who stocks the good food you want in your fridge.

How get good food? Some free. Rest you buy. How do you buy it? You serve others.

Don’t have money? Two grocers use different currency. Go work for the grocer who stock the food you want in your fridge.

Good grocer is really great. Currency is love and His food is very cheap. Paid in time spent getting to know him and in effort to become like Him through loving and rendering service to others. Give someone 1 and he’ll give you 10.

So long as you do that, the clean and pure power to run your refrigerator is free of charge. The more you do that? Well, He makes deliveries and your fridge will never run empty.

Other thoughts adapted to analogy?:

For all of us who have worked the 12 steps, what happens if you unplug it? Everything starts falling apart again.

If all you’re doing is plugging it in, you’ve missed a large part of the process.

Designed to not only empower your fridge but also clean and replace all expired/rank and mold food with good clean food.

Empower your powerless refrigerator.

Biggest fear change. Why afraid when something good changing you?

“I know the things in my refrigerator aren’t very good for me but I’ve been eating and drinking them for so long!”

“I’m afraid that if I let God clean those things out of my refrigerator that instead of the Good Grocer called God filling it with good things to eat and drink, I’ll simply be left with a barren refrigerator instead.”

If difficulty removing what’s within you that you want something bigger to help clean? Go help someone else.

Why step order the way they are? Master cleaner and repair man. You can work with the best to clean out your refrigerator and even go help others clean out their refrigerator too but it doesn’t do you much good until you plug it in.

Someone else may have put these moldy soybeans in my refrigerator but I’ve been eating them for the last 40 years and I’m not willing to stop. - Resentments.

If you recognize and remove (forgive) something big that others without permission stocked your fridge with, the more room God has to put something else actually worth keeping.

Washing out your fridge (baptism) still helps even if it’s still full of junk you’re not willing to let go of but it isn’t until you put it ALL on the list that I’m authorized to fully clean out your fridge and wash it clean of all of the moldy, expired, decaying, toxic crap that’s killing you and causing you to be so sick.

Crowd it out - fill up that space with good instead.

Refrigerator stocked full of junk food and booze, results ill health. Stock with good food and no room for junk food? Having someone else in charge of stocking the fridge because we obviously suck at it.

An Alcoholic is like a refrigerator. Until you plug it in, a refrigerator is just a fancy box. In AA you’ll often hear that we really have isn’t an alcohol problem but a power problem.

Request for help

Recent desires and efforts to serve the Lord have led me to spending time in the halls of Alcohol Anonymous.

Doing so has led me to repeatedly attempting to figure out a way of conveying principals of truth on which the 12 AA steps are based to AA members in a way that those who do not understand them as they are currently written may perhaps better relate with or understand.

Despite my confidence that my choice of analogies holds great potential, my sum thought of how well I'm doing in brining it along is this:

I suck.

Still I'm trying.

The next post is a portion of my current attempt in these efforts. Anyone who is reading this blog who goes on to read the next one, I'd really appreciate feedback.

Where does it makes sense? Where does it not make sense?

Do you have a way of wording it you feel would make it better?

Any thoughts or insights on how to improve the analogy?

Those who are willing? I invite your help-


Anger. The enemy?

Anger is the enemy.

One way of viewing 3 Nephi 5:8 is Jesus Christ exclaiming and defining the problem with him explaining and expounding on the solution beginning 3 Nephi 5:9.

For the sake of the promises to the fathers will I labor with you as a people, and not because of you, for you have not yet become what you must be to live together in peace. If you will hearken to my words, I will make you my people and my words will give you peace. Even a single soul who stirs up the hearts of others to anger can destroy the peace of all my people. Each of you must equally walk truly in my path, not only to profess, but to do as you profess. (T&C 157:19)

Again, Anger is the enemy.

If my heart isn’t free of anger towards others, myself and towards God but such is required to dwell I peace in Zion, am I properly developing towards such a heart such that I will become what I need to become to arrive where I need to arrive by the time I need to arrive there?

If not, then will I make it? Will you?

Anger is the enemy.

Caffeine Blues

Recently read a copy of “Caffeine Blues”. Wow, so utterly persuasive regarding the value of removing Caffeine from my life!

Does this count towards my efforts to "flee from the cares of Babylon"? I’m persuaded it does. 

I had absolutely no idea–I’m grateful for what I learned when I read this book's pages. Worth reading to me.

Thank you Lord!

Well? Crap... that's not good.

Recently found out the hard way just how very relevant the podcast's on discernment given by Denver are for me in my life.


Time to repent.

What a tremendous repair job.

What tremendous pain.

And just how long is it going to take for Him to get me through this veil of tears?

Oh Lord, have mercy.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Self Assessment

Someone I care about recently shared the below self assessment with me. My results were so startling and concerning that it has led me humbly and sincerely seek repentance and mercy from our Lord with vigor.

People in general don't like being told to repent and I don't particularly like telling people to do so but I'm sharing it with you in the hopes that this self assessment in the faith that those who also sincerely take the self assessment below will be blessed too.

- Daniel                                                                                               


"And now, how much more cursed is he that knoweth the will of God and doeth it not, than he that only believeth, or only hath cause to believe, and falleth into transgression?" - Alma 16:25

Self Assessment

1. Lord, am I cursed because I know your will in things but I'm doing them not?

2. Lord, are their sins in my life that I've failed to humbly confess before you?

3. Lord, are my current priorities out of harmony with the path that will bring me to Zion?

4. Lord, is my repentance/growth/change such that I'm going a speed insufficient to get me there in the time remaining?

5. Lord, are there things in my life I'm either doing or not doing that displease you?

6. Lord, is there anything in my life that I am still under condemnation for?

7. Lord, am I breaking the covenant?

*. Lord, is yes the answer for me on any of these questions?

Should any of the previous questions result in you receiving a response of yes from God through the medium of the Holy Ghost then:

   1. Oh Lord, do you love me?

   2. Oh Lord, is there still time to change?

   3. Oh Lord, will you please help me?

Should this self assessment prove useful to you that you'd like to share it, feel free.